Product Photos

Current Contacta Product Photos

Complete Systems for Installers/Demonstrations

Contacta Demo Test Kit with HLD7

Contacta Demo Test Kit with HLD7 Phased Array

Contacta Portable Room Loop Kit


12awg Concrete Burial Wire

14awg Concrete Burial Wire

18awg Concrete Burial Wire

14awg Copper Flat Wire

17.5awg Two Conductor Copper Flat Wire

18awg Copper Flat Wire


Contacta M72

Contacta M73

Contacta M73, 3.5mm

Contacta M300

Contacta M300, 3.5mm

Contacta Lapel Mic

Installation Cables

Contacta Summing Cable

Mic Cable XLR M/F 3ft

Mic Cable XLR/TRS 5ft

RJ 45 Splitter

3.5mm Stereo Male – 2 RCAM Male 6ft

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Meet The Team

Richard McKinley

Managing Director

Richard McKinley

Karl Mickna

Product Engineer

Lois Mickna

Product Assembly

Alyssa Vasquez

Office Manager

Jen Smith

Shipping Manager

Michael Hovinga

Technical Sales and Support Manager

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